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Well. I just spent about fifteen minutes sobbing uncontrollably outside of the DES office downtown.

Because I listed Mom's address as a mailing address the chick I talked to when I turned in my applications for food stamps and assistance said that whether or not we qualify depends on how much Mom makes (Because I'm under 22 and still live with a parent--despite me telling her that we don't live there). Which means we're probably gonna be completely screwed.

I sat in the parking lot outside of the building sobbing and trying to motivate myself to get up and walk to the bus stop.

I'm going to check my FList, add another scene in my Big Bang, tie up the ending, try and fix the cover for Hans's Big Bang, separate the stuff we wanna take with us and the stuff we're gonna have to leave behind, and then possibly go over to Phil's.

Today is fired.
Tags: emo, fic: supernatural: big bang, random: bitching, rl
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