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Not that I'm in any danger from Strikeout2007 but...

If I do get deleted (Or have to abandon this LJ name for any reason Stalkers and parents and asshole, oh my!) here are other ways to get a hold of me.

Here I am on GJ. I realize there's nothing there right now; I only created it a few minutes ago.

I also have a back-up LJ which has no entries now but should probably be friended anyway in case anything happens. iheartsmeckles. STFU, I like the name.

Anyone has any idea what happens if you get deleted but still have over a year of paid time left on LJ?

And if you haven't noticed, I'm still here. Still have no idea for how long though, it's liable to go at any minute.
Tags: mogwtflj?!, rl: alternate contacts, strikeout2007
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