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Skip this for RL--I'm too lazy to cut

I just got back from seeing PotC 3. It was good.

I feel like shit, I'm depressed and despite the knowledge that I should be working on Hans's art I just can't make myself care. All I want to do is roll over and go to sleep and I know it's because I'm depressed right now but there's nothing to distract me. Well, nothing that seems distractable.

I feel so completely and utterly beat down and helpless. Dad can't call us because we don't have the money to turn on the service that allows Dad to call on the phone. We gave him CJ's number because CJ said he would transfer the calls from Dad to us. Dad got through to CJ once and thy talked and the first line in our letter from him today is him telling us CJ's phone won't accept calls from him now either and him more or less accusing us of lying to him.

I understand why he wrote it--We know to ignore most of what he writes because you have nothing to do in jail but sit and get angry--but it still sucks. We told him we would turn on the phone because we thought that we were gonna be getting his last paycheck but that turned out not to happen and we can't afford to buy a $100 Visa Cash Card just because Mom is a horrible person who wont let us use her bank card (Despite us offering to pay her for it).

This is gonna be a bad... Few months, probably.

...I've only had a few bites of Mac & Cheese today. I think I should probably make some hot dogs or something.
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