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I hate my mother.

But what else is new?

The plan for tomorrow is to head to social security and get me a replacement card. Then me and Yuss and Andy head to go get Emergency Food Stamps and sell blood.

We have one week to have the money for a new apartment and no real way of doing it.

Instead of letting us come back Mom has decided that she'd rather move this pregnant chick in with her and CJ and let me and Yuss get a new place.

Have I mention Yuss has a job interview on Friday and as of this second we're about three hundred dollars short of the new apartment?

She won't even pick me up to drive me to Social Security because Kim (Pregnant Bitch) and her are put doing things.

I love how everyone else in the world is more important than her own children.

And she wonders why we like Dad more.

Also, on the first--one way or another--we lose our internet. We might lose it a little sooner but I don't know.

I'm currently awaiting word from audrarose or someone else in charge of Big Bang to see if I can get a few extra days to find somewhere I can hop online from for a few minutes to submit my stuff.

I debated posting about this because I know no one cares but hey, it's my journal. Fuck it.

I realize that most of you probably think I sound like a whiny little baby because I'm 21 and complaining because "Mommy won't take care of me" but I don't fucking care.
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