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It's 0456 and I just finished the Newsletter.

I usually start at 2100; which gets me done right around midnight.

Tonight me and Yussie and Andy left at around 2130 to take the bus down the street to go to Sonic because I really wanted a chocolate cream pie shake.

We got back around 2330 at which point Freckles promptly pissed all over my bed.

After my sheets and blanket were in the wash and my back was popped (Nothing to do with the dog pee) it was 0130 by the time I got started coding.

I am so fucking tired. And I have about 10 days to finish my Big Bang and my Big Bang art for Hans.

All that's left on my Big Bang is to fix the porn and send it back to alazysod. Sadly? I don't know how to fix it because it's mostly sentence structure (I tend to start everything with one of their names and then go into an action).

Sofa. King. Tired.
Tags: fic: supernatural: big bang, mogfreckles!, rl, spnnewsletter, writing
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