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More meme answers

Here are the results of that "three interests, three icons" meme I did a while back.

scarlett_o gave me boys in eyeliner
Seriously, I don't know if this is my Goth or demi!punk side coming out but guys are fucking hot in eyeliner. Don't deny it; you think they're hot too, I've seen you talking about it.

From The X-Men. Comics. She and Wolverine had one of the most awesome mentor/student, psuedo!dad/psuedo!daughter relationships in comics. And she was bubbly and hyper and awesome and she had insane plans and lived in a mall. And she had hot pink sunglasses/goggles and a bright yellow coat, always chewed gum and could make fireworks with her hands.
I have no idea what she's like now, because Marvel is disgusting and stupid too.

dsbhljklnsd Seriously, dude. Tattoos are fucking hot. I've designed a few on my own for other people too, on occasion. I plan on getting one one day, but I'm not sure what of.

This is my RL icon; I use it on my RL posts. I use it mainly because of a scene in Roswell. I sound stupid when I try to describe the scene but the gist of it is that one character says something along the lines of, "Everyone had red shoes when they were kids!" I never had a pair of red Converse but I always wanted them.

I love those little duckies. Plus, I needed an icon for when I upload things and stuff. So thus, Pirate!Ducky!

Heh, this one came from a talk with Deam about in Wincest wanks there will always be at least one person who assumes/implies/flat-out says that we are encouraging rape and/or incest by reading and/or writing Wincest. This is my Crime/Sarcasm icon.

And then marishna gave me

world's finest
Some of the Batman/Superman comics (the slash mark is really in the title) are/were entitled World's Finest and are some of the most crack-tastic and awesome comics ever. Also, because of the comics, the term for Batman/Superman in some places is known as World's Finest.

boys who wear glasses
Mmmmmm. Do I really need to explain this? The amount of RPS with Jensen in his glasses tells me that no, no I don't.

serial killers
*Flails* It would sound bad if I said I loved serial killers, right? Well lets put it this way; I plan on becoming a criminal psychologist, I have two serial killer encyclopedias and it's a normal thing in my family and group of friends to ask, "Who's you favorite serial killer?"

For the record, mine is Dahmer.

It's that almost!fake kiss from Paley. I love the body language right there, with their legs mirroring each other and faces turned in to the sides. It's a very closed-off and open thing at the same time. I look at this icon, especially the legs, and I immediately think of those "BEST FRIENDS" hearts they have for little girls; the ones that are snapped in half and fit together perfect to interlock.

I'm a member of hogwartsishome where I was sorted into Slytherin (only narrowing missing becoming a Ravenclaw). I am on Hiatus from HiH right now but when I'm active there I vote on apps to sort people and participate in games and contest, all of which require signatures and many of which give extra house points if you use an icon from your house while sorting.

- Gay Agenda
I am The Gay Agenda. I have helped a friend realize that he was transgendered, helped another friend figure out whether she was a crossdresser or transvestite, explained pansexuality to Yussie's friend who has a thing for chicks with dicks, and a few other things along those lines. Also, while at Job Corps, my friends were a statistical improbability (the previously mentioned non-op FtM, the crossdresser, the curios-pansexual, an uber!butch lesbian, a great big gay Princess named Phil, two 90/10 lesbians, a "straight" guy who liked to make out with other guys, a "straight" homophobe who was a three-beer queer of famous proportions, and a "straight" guy who used to come to me to read the shiny gay porn I would print out for me to read at work).
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