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My John Winchester:

1. Is sorry every second of the day for ruining his children's lives.
1a) Is thankful every second of every day that his children still have lives to ruin.

2. Never let his boys go more than two days without eating, no matter what. He has sold and stolen time and time again to keep them fed and never once given it a second thought.

3. Taught Dean everything he knows about music.
3a) Sam too.

My Nathan Petrelli:

1. Came home from school when he was nine and proclaimed himself a Democrat. His father choked on his drink and his mother went in to labor right on the spot. A day and a half later Peter was born. Nathan still blames himself.
1a) Came home for from college for winter break of his freshman year and announced he was a Republican. His father shook his hand, his mother smoothed his hair and went to make a phone call and two hours later Peter pelted him with a dozen raw eggs.
1b) Was a member of the Communist Party during almost his entire junior year of college because he thought the girl handing out fliers for it in the quad was hot.
1c) Switched political parties seven more times before finally making up his mind.

2. Says that he's afraid to fly. In reality he loves flying, but only so long as he's the one in charge.

3. Went through a depression so bad after Claire died that he almost killed himself on two separate occasions.
3a) Was cured with a semester off at the finest private care facility money could buy.
3a1) Told Heidi he had a nervous breakdown because of "Intense pressure to follow in his father's footsteps combined with the stress of an overly ambitious workload at school" when she asked about it.
3a2) Told Peter to "Go to Hell" when he was old enough to ask.

My Dean Winchester:

1. Loves Sam more than anything in the entire world and cannot fathom life without him in it.
1a) Would eat his own balls before admitting it out loud.

2. Always split the extra cookie with Sammy, even when Sammy was being a big, whiny, baby.

3. Has no problem with diarrhea, farting, vomiting, urinating, the smell of burning and/or decomposing flesh or any combination of the above but is absolutely repulsed and sickened beyond all reason when someone burps in his vicinity.
3a) Doubley so if it's Sam.
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