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Well, at least my hair hasn't started falling out yet.

It's two weeks until the first.

Big Bang is due on the first, my story and the art I'm doing for Hans' fic.

The week surrounding the first, before and after, will probably be spent by me and Yussie trying to figure out what we're going to do with the TVs and beds and computers and moving back into Mom's apartment.

Mom said if we move back in we both have to get jobs.

My knee brace is still broken from a few months ago and it's not likely that she'll be able to front me the $400 it'll take to get fixed. Without the brace I'm on crutches and even with the brace I can only stand for about five hours at a time before my entire body starts to go beyond ache and into full-fledged hurt. It's why I've yet to keep a job for longer than two weeks; because I work fast food (Because I can't really do anything) and even though I tell them I have a knee brace and can only stand for five hours they always start my second week by scheduling me for 6-9 hours shifts. Or, like at Subway, 12-hour shifts. And then I end up having to quit because I can't stay at a job that makes me actually cry when I get home because of how much pain I'm in.

I can't get disability because my knee is not permanent; if I could manage to get everyone involved to agree to give me the surgery then it would be fixed.

Mom doesn't have cable internet or DSL or anything like that and I'm back to using my laptop with the broken, wobbley phone port. Which means I'm not even going back to 26.6kbps, I'm going back to... I have no idea what. Probably back to fighting Joseph over my desktop (Him for an hour, me for an hour, him for an hour, me for and hour, etc).

I'm in one of those nice, awesome little funks where all I want to do is sleep or lay in a bathtub all day long. My ADD is acting up so badly that I'm jittery, actually shaking off excess energy, and I can't concentrate on reading anything or writing anything or drawing or watching TV. My ulcer is acting up again to the point where nearly all food is aggravating it, I have two different cold sores from stress, and I'm scratching at my arms and face so bad that I'm starting to look like a meth addict again (Which is always a nice look; especially when you're job hunting).

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go and force myself to try and fix my Big Bang.
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