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Conventions and Crazies and RL, oh my!

Okay, this thing where some random psycho!fan jumped on Jensen at Asylum? That right there is why I don't tell Mundys about Fandom or what I do online; because people automatically jump to the crazy ones and judge us as a whole based on them.

Also? I hate everyone at Asylum right now because I am a jealous and petty, petty person.

And speaking of conventions, I am starting to have big fears about WinCon. Not about the Con itself but about my ability to go. See, every time I get my Financial Aid, which is what I'm using to fund my trip, something always comes up. First semester I needed to put up all my Financial Aid and all my Separation Money from Job Corps to get into the apartment with Mom. Spring semester came around and I spent a bunch of money helping Mom out and buying stuff for Yussie (He desperately needed clothes, and it wasn't that bad because we share anyway). This last fall semester I spent about $1,200 of my $1,500 on a new computer which is basically Yussie's birthday present from me. Spring semester I spent all but about a hundred helping Dad get this place.

Now it's May. Dad is in jail with his next court date in the middle of June. We need $1,500 in rent and bills on the first or we're screwed. Mom and CJ... Yeah. I mean, I think they'll let us come back but I'm not positive. Mom's made it clear that she and CJ like having their own life without us there. And we have a lot of stuff now that wont fit in there. Not to mention Mom and CJ have been talking about getting an actual house. And I know my luck; my Financial Aid will arrive around August 16th and around August 20th Mom will found a house and just need about a thousand dollars more to get it. And then I'll be out my money.

You know what really sucks ass? Being so stressed out that you have a cold sore on your top lip. Fucking annoying as a hyper six-year-old.
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