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Stoled from affectingly.

20 things about Sam and/or Dean that I hold to be my own personal canon.

1. Dean loves chick flicks. He claims it's only to get chicks, because they're all about that shit, but he really does love them, especially the way they always end happy. No matter what.

And no, he doesn't consider Ghost a chick flick; it goes against the most fundamental rules of "everything works out in the end."

2. Sam is bi. He leans more towards the gay side of it than the straight side; girls are his "too" in "I like them too."

He was one of those people who always said Bowie was a sell-out for marrying his wife. And then he met Jess and he's ever said a word against Bowie since.

3. Dean has a shoebox full of John's old tapes in the backseat. They're full of Aerosmith and Elvis Costello and Eric Clapton and B.B. King and dozens of other songs and bands and people Dean will never admit to liking.

Dean doesn't actually listen to the music, but he keeps it nonetheless.

4. Sam never stopped hunting at Stanford. He didn't actively look for hunts anymore but if one happened to fall in his lap he couldn't just ignore it. He's never been able to just stand by and let someone get hurt or killed.

5. Dean had just turned nine the first time he drove the Impala. He and Sam were along with John for a hunt and it went South. John yelled at Dean to go and he put the car in drive and stepped on the gas until he counted to three hundred, just like Dad told him to.

6. Sam and Dean both had their first kills when they were twelve. Three and a half months after Sam's birthday he decapitated a chupacabra. A few days before Dean turned thirteen he killed a Cait Sith all by himself.

7. Sam double majored in Psychology and Communication at Stanford. He told Dean he majored in Pre-Law despite there not being any Pre-Law at Stanford.

8. For a little while, in high school, Dean wanted to be a chef. The last time Dean cooked was for Cassie on their one month anniversary he pretended not to remember.

9. Sam is fluent in six languages, Dean in three. No matter how hard he tries though Sam speaks four of the languages with thick and heavy accents and the wrong pronunciations.

10. The first time Sam and Dean got drunk they were ten and fourteen. John let Dean have a beer and Dean split it with Sam when John wasn't looking.

Sam still hasn't let him forget how trashed he got despite Sam being the one to drink almost the entire bottle.

11. Sam has been in love with Dean since he was twelve.

12. Dean can't pinpoint the moment his feelings for Sam shifted from brotherly to what it is now. If he's really honest with himself he thinks maybe it was always like this and he just assumed it was the way brothers were supposed to feel.

13. Sam can make himself burp on command, Dean never could but always tried to get Sam to show him how. Sam can also make himself throw up on command and, thus, make Dean throw up if he's anywhere within sight, hearing, or smelling range.

14. Dean can cry on command. Sam never understood why that was so important.

15. At Stanford Sam encouraged Jess' beliefs that John was a horribly abusive, alcoholic bastard.

He was too afraid of telling her the truth and her dumping him or calling him insane and then telling all their (her) friends what a giant freak he is.

16. Neither Sam nor Dean have what could be considered "good hygiene." They don't wear deodorant, shower infrequently, and only occasionally remember to brush their hair/teeth.

17. Sam had almost saved up enough money to buy Jess the ring he wanted when the fire happened.

He ended up spending the money he had saved on her headstone instead.

18. Dean got accepted to MIT. He tells himself that he never really wanted to go; that he only wanted to know if he had what it takes.

19. Dean has never held a legal job. The closest he's ever come was four months they spent in a small town in Texas. He worked day labor and was a cook/waiter/whatever else was needed that night at the only restaurant in town. Neither job required any paperwork and both paid him on a daily basis.

20. Sam lost his virginity when he was fifteen. At least, that's what he told Jess. The truth is more like fourteen while awkwardly close to thirteen.
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