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Big Bang

So. I've got my fic reordered and now I have to put on another ending before I can send it off.

Betas? mikhale and namegoeshere, I know you guys are doing it. alazysod, I can't remember if you said you wanted to beta this or not. If it was an imaginary conversation I had feel free to tell me, I've been having those a lot lately.

It's 50 pages right now, with a few more scenes I have in reserve to boost my word count back up after I, no doubt, lose some of it to betaing.

Why yes, I am trying to think about anything except for my Daddy right now, why do you ask?

Next up, after adding an ending but before starting on hansbekhart's Big Bang, is a list of all that fic I want to write/have to write now that Big Bang is nearly done for.
Tags: fic: supernatural: big bang, writing

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