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Oh God.

Okay, so Dad may have just been arrested.

Yuss got a voicemail from the Yavapai Sherrif's office and the message got off halfway through.

I called up there and they said there's no one in there by his name but there are 20 people in the waiting areas and another 11 more coming in and TO CALL BACK IN FOUR FUCKING HOURS.

And we don't know if he got arrested or if he's still just in Bullhead City because he's not answering his phone and neither is Karen (Who is with him).

Bullhead City is about three hours away and the truck he's in is our only transportation anywhere.

It could just be that they're still up there because its out of the Cricket calling area but it could be because their phones are sitting in evidence.

I am fucking LOSING IT.

Jesus fucking Christ, dude. If Dad did get arrested he's going back to prison and probably not coming out for a long time, if ever. I don't know because three strike laws are weird in Arizona and Dad has this Prop 200 plea thing going on from before and I swear man, I am in tears and freaking out and I am helpless to do ANYTHING AT ALL.
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