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Good fucking God my eyes hurt so badly.

Seriously, I got about a quarter of a way through my part and all of a sudden my eyes started fucking up really badly. I am horribly nearsighted; I can see things about a foot in front of my face fine without glasses but everything beyond that becomes progressively blurrier (This is what happens when you read in the dark and spend all your time doing itsy bitsy details on drawings). And right after I started tonight's edition they started to hurt. Like, painfully.

And then my forearms started to ache real bad, which I know from experience is my body saying it hasn't been getting enough sleep and would like some now pretty please.
Thankfully I managed to keep myself awake long enough to do the Newsletter.

Of course, now it's 0307 and I'm still awake. I had a half an hour nap around 0200 or so before I had to unlock the door to let Daddy in.

My Big Bang is at 15,841 right now.

It's due any time on Monday as long as it's still Monday when I send it in.

I still have no title. Or summary. I think I, and my Big Bang, may have reconciled with Kripke even after what that bastard did to me though. So that's a plus.

Tomorrow (Today, technically) is my Daddy's birthday so I'm making him a cake and decorating it for him. Also we have a tradition of the birthday person picking out dinner so we're probably gonna be gone to The Waffle House for a few hours in the afternoon. I have 4,269 words to do in the next two days. I only average about a thousand words a day so I'm gonna have to work my ass off the get this done in time.

Which reminds me. I totally get why long fics have multiple sex scenes in them, man that is a nice way to get a chunk of words out. I have at least one more I want to try and work into the fic before it ends. If I can do it right... Well. It'll be done right.

Man. This post was so much longer than I thought it would be.

I'm gonna go hunt up lyrics for possible titles right now.

Love you all! *Hugs* Goodnight!

P.S. Why when all you people on my FList were talking about Mika before did no one mention that whole "Oh my God, he's channeling Freddie Mercury!" thing?
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