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I hate you so much right now, Kripke.

Okay. So. 14,016 words into my Big Bang and I am so very completely fucked up that it's not fair.

Man. My entire Big Bang is completely OOC now. It's not even AU, because after the immediate take-off from Nightshifter at the beginning there are no other episodes even referenced.

But the entire premise of my Big Bang is that Sam and Dean are running for their lives from the FBI. They are worried about getting arrested, they are worried about going to jail/prison, they want to avoid it.

I think this episode has proved that they really aren't. They got caught on purpose and thrown into a detention center. Dean had no worries about this at all. Sam only had small worries, hardly any.

If I keep it as it is it's so OOC it almost makes me sick.

If I change it I lower my word count again taking out the first three or four pages and have to at least mention Madison, because she was a big deal to Sam. Oh yeah, and I might not make the word count in time to get counted for Big Bang.

Okay. Help me, please? Should I keep it or change it?
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