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Yay me!

So it's not even my birthday until tomorrow but I've already got prezzies and stuff!

Phil got me: Two steak quesadillas, a bag of easter chocolates, two milk chocolates eggs with peeps inside, a thing of Peep!Bunnies, and $20.

Sam got me a thing of Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel.

Dean got me a thing of Jack Daniels and a 20 oz of Mountain Dew.

Sam and Dean got me the "Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead." It's almost 1,000 pages.

buffyaddict13 got me an Apathy rubberband bracelet, a Nihilism rubberband bracelet, the mini!book "Everything can be Beaten," Unicorn Power bubble gum, a REALLY pretty and sparkley card, and birthday cake chapstick.

thelana wished me happy birthday.

lyra_wing wrote me a fic.

And jadetate totally paid for WinCon for me. Because she wins like that and is the bestest sister ever.

Also? As I start on my Big Bang today I sit at 10,400 words. I did 1,237 words last night. Apparently I average around 150 words for every five minute word-war.

I actually think I might be able to have this finish by the deadline!

Oh yeah, except for the part where I need to figure out a title for it. -_-() And a summary, but that part will be easier.
Tags: fic: supernatural: big bang, rl: birthday, squeeage, writing

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