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Dean is a five-year-old.

Did anyone else notice last night that when Dean left the Kraft services table to go talk to the cross-eyed chick that he stuffed the half of the sandwich he hadn't yet eaten into his pocket? Seriously, watch it again and pay attention. How much you wanna bet he ate it later?

Also? Dean recognized a guy who played Something Something Number 4 in a movie. That means he recognized a glorified extra. GEEK.

Also? Richard Moll is now added to the long list of people Dean has boycrushes on. Including but not limited to "My Man, Jack" and Matt Damon.

And Dean gave the name Ozzy for himself at one point because when he's and Sam are trying to figure out who the Ghostie is he answers "Go for Ozzy." Also? He says he doesn't have Tara the Cross-eyed Wonder's "290" and that she must be "10-100" which is a cop term for "personal break." It means she's probably taking a piss. A "20" is a location check. "What's your 20?"/"Fifth and Osbourn."

One more itty bitty detail. At the end when SamandDean are walking into the sunset they're matching strides. Right legs at the same time and all that crap. And no, I have no idea why I was s-- Oh, right. I was staring at Sam's back pockets. Okay, now I remember why I noticed.
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