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*Is a lemming*

Positive Traits Meme by lovebuggin.

Yeah, I know. Baaah.

Also? Birthday on Sunday. Was supposed to do something with Mom on Saturday but don't know if that's gonna happen. She was supposed to call me back tonight so we could got to lunch tomorrow and stuff.

She never called, of course. I know I should be used to this by now but I'm not. And I hate it because she makes me feel stupid because I believe her. She said she wanted to do something Easter weekend and I waited for her to call and she didn't and then I felt bad about myself and stupid. Kinda like I do now!

And in order to get my Big Bang done on time I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to work all day on Sunday. Because I swear, if I worried myself this whole time just to miss the deadline or WC minimum I think I may throw up.

This post brought to you by the letters E, V and E again. Why did she have to eat that fucking apple? Or whatever it is she did that caused menstruation, I'm not entirely clear on that one... Dean? Come on, it was in Carrie, you should know this one!
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