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General update

Ah, food...
~~~ I've missed thee. I've just ended my fast last night (Yom Kippur, not a diet or any of that crap) and am happy to say food tastes nummie. I thought I was going to go nuts though, my stomach has been hurting all day (Cramps, not food-pain) and I haven't been able to take anything for it cause I'd have to have food first. Plus the whole drinking it down with water thing would be hard to do without actually drinking anything.

I've gone a while without food before but never like this, I'm used to going a few days without eating because there is nothing to eat, and I'm fine with that (You know what I mean). But actually having food and just not eating it even though you're hungry? Never done that before. It's amazingly hard to do, especially because I have a habit of over-eating as it is.

I'm used to having a large amount of food and knowing that I won't get anything for a few days/a week from that point so I'll horde all my food and pig out. What that means is I'll buy a package of cookies (Always the biggest ones, always from the $1 store) and then two weeks later on next payday I'll have eaten maybe six and I'll feel guilty for all six. It also means that almost always no matter how much I hate the food here (And it is disgusting) I'll usually go back for seconds and sometimes thirds--because it's that voice in the back of my head saying that it's gonna have to last me because it'll be a while before I get more, even if that isn't always true.


Looking through some screen caps from OZ it occurs to me that an awful lot of L&O: SVU have been to Oz. Elliot was Keller, Wong was Mukada, and Skoda was Schillinger. I've seen a few eps of OZ so I knew who they were and I used to watch SVU religiously but I never really...made the connection. I knew it, it was there in the back of my mind but I never really realised it until now.
Free Ipod

It really is free. Please sign up, I only need five people to do it.

New favorite Word EVER!

Orlandoporn. Thank you sakura_aideen. And yes, the context was her notice the fact that whenever she comes in I always have a least one thing of Orlandoporn on my screen.

New Meme from zully

10 things almost no one knows about me:

1. I sleep weird. I sleep with my eyes open, talk in my sleep, and have severe sleep apnea (If you don't hear me snoring it's because I've stopped breathing for a bit). I also can't sleep for more then 2 1/2 hours in a row without waking up.
2. Silence scares me. I hate it, it scares me on the same base level as absolute darkness and walking anywhere alone with my back open does. (Walking down a freaky blinking hallway is fine with me as long as I can feel the wall behind my back so no one can sneak up on me.)
3. I get horribly embarrassed by things I do when nobody is around but don't mind doing horribly stupid shit in public.
4. I know all the words to Blister in the Sun by The Violent Femmes.
5. I feel horribly guilty that I don't write my parents and that I forget to write Bryon.
6. I accidently read part of the first Left Behind book a few years ago and will occasionally get a sudden, gut-wrenching fear that I'll wake up one day one no one else will be here.
7. I'm absolutely terrorfied at being alone. Idiot-Boy (Who is my younger brother BTW) wants to move to Germany, he has for years--but now he may actually have a chance to go to college there and it scares me.
8. I don't have many friends because I hate using the phone because I feel guilty when I call and have nothing to say that's actually important even in the slightest bit and as a result I end up not calling when I (Or now they) move.
9. If I'm given the chance I will sit on the computer from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep at it because I have a fear know that one day (Probably soon) I'm not going to have it again and I won't have the chance.
10. I'm afraid of letting people down so I don't say no. Not to my Dad when he wants me to call his ex-girlfriend's mom I've never even talked to before, not my Mother when she asks me anything, and not James when he asked me out.

There's probably something telling in the fact that I capitalized Dad right away but wrote "mother" the first time I typed 10.

In Other News...

Job Corps in general is fucking with me so much that I am actively looking forward to spending the weekend at my grandmothers.

Photobucket is going to shrink all their free accounts from 100MB to 25MB on Oct 15 so I'm moving everything of mine to Free image hosting, Unlimited uploads, No signup needed, Up to 1024kb uploads, Many file types, No cropping, No watermarks, No branding, No size or quality loss, Images never deleted. This place rocks pretty hard. [/pimp]

My stomach hurts.

I'm probably going to read one more Orlandoporn and then go to bed. Night/Morning all.
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