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Oh wow.

I just got an email from Pissy consisting of nothing but what is underneath the cut.

See, we had this story we were writing Way Back When. It was HUGE and epic and made out of pure crack. It's was an all Anime crossover that made Excell Saga look like Graveyard of the Fireflys.

The main bit was Dragonball Z and we decided we were gonna ruin Vegeta's life by making his name actually a shortened version of a royal name which is customarily long. If you can actually manage to make your way through it (Saying it out loud helps) right it tells you all the series we crossover and everything about the plot.

Yes, the following is meant to be intimidating, so that only a few people would actually read/get it.

Veh'getaliaah Venuu'shion Edji'kto Cain Stha'aa Lillith Lah'estaaht Vla'ahd Arhmaah'nd Looh'eese Kuyukeh'tzukee Seih'lya Taahls'saamahhn Keh'maahn Aahkaah'shyaah Meenaah'mooray Co'mowre Aah'onee - Vehhr'geon shraah Maahl'rohaah Aahle'hluu Lehct'chaah Leh'sheeus Eed'hen Naah'roebaah-Ceh'maahrla Heeh'saah Isshaah'naah*ka zaah Phohenehtiikspehliihngswiihthehlaahngehtehdvowhlehs'thehrehiishNohplaaht'thehrehiishNohTehnchii'thehrehiishNohRiihliinabuuhttbaahlahdiibiihts'thehrehiishNohNohiin'thehrehiishNohRiiohkooh'thehrehiishNohSaahsaahmii'Nohsaahlaahmii'NohoOhkiibuuhttRiiohohkii'thehrehiishNohWaahshoo'NohAeyeehkaah'thehrehiishNohChaahotzoo'thehrehiishNohOolaahng'NohPooaahr'thehrehiishNohAetts'thehrehiishNohAes'thehrehiishNohshehm'thehrehiishNohblehm'thehrehiishNohSaahliiPoh'thehrehiishNohKaahthehriin'thehrehiishNohHiildii'DaahrohthiiskaahrsuuhssohthehrehiishNohDaarohthii'thehrehiishNohTorehzHiidaahrinkstoomaahchehndstiilsfruuhmthehliikohrcaahbiinehtHiihaahshehprohbolehm'thehrehiishNohRoobiiMoonfohrthehluvuvYAAHOHII'thehrehiishYAAHOHII'thehrehiishYOOHRII'thehrehiishCaahpsahndFiils'thehrehiishGihrlsahndGroohps'thehrehiishSehlaahrsahndSehnshiiahndSehlorSehnshii'thehrehiishBIIIIIIIIGmohnkiis'thehrehiishFehknehss'thehrehiishcaobohiisahndKaahrsedOhaahns'thehrehiishmeehkaahahndpailaahtsahndShiihniigaahmii'thehrehiishThehDaahnFaahlUvTehnchii'yoomehwaahshyohrheihrfohrthehriisplehntiiuvShaahmpoo'thehrehiishMOMMYahndsiistaahrs'thehrehiishshiimehls'thehrehiishPehrvehrtsPehrvehrtsPehrvehrts'FeheeahrthehDehmehntohrs'EhngalanhndmiitsJaahpaahn'WiiaahdedGraahvii'Kuhmahgohrohrohks'Thehsfihkwhihlnehvrbiifihihnihsshd'Daahraahgonsbihtchbihtchbihtch'ThehreiishNohRaahn'SnehpswhoohpslLiimohndahrohpsfohrpohrhnohs'KwaidditachRohkstahoo'thehrehiishACohdahndehSpoilehr'Ihidiiaahdic'Tihk'Ihnfehstehd'Sihmperhriihng'Twihts'Hehre'Ehvriibaahdii'Ehehriiwhehr'Nehre'Dehth'Oahgle'Faaht'Wohmehn'Ohrdehriing'Rhohstehd'Lihvehr'Daahk'Ahnd'Siing'Wihth'Eviihl'Kihngs'Nehvehr'Ohnce'Whinniing'Ihntergahlaahktik'Taahg'Aht'Thii'Taahwher'Hii'Eets'Ehvehn'Nehmd'Dehmsehls'Offtehn'Faetiing'Tehrohr'Hiis'Ehrs'Feht'Ihs'Cahld'Ahnd'ZehrohWohniishTaliaahssaahn XII

For those who couldn't make it through here is the translation.

Vegetalia Venucian Edji’kto Cain Stha’aa Lillith Lestat Vlad Armand Louise Kyuketsuke Seih’lya Talasman Cayman Akasha Mina Moorey Komori Oni– Virgin shraah Maahl'rohaah Aahle'hluuLehct'chaah Leh'sheeus Eed'hen Naah'roebaah - Ceh'maahrlaHeeh'saah Isshaah'naah*ka zaahThe phonetic spellings with the lengthened vowels, There is no plot, there isno Tenchi, the is no Relena but a blood and bits, there is no Noin, There is no Ryoko, There is no Sasami, No salami, No okie but Ryoki, There is no Washuu, No Ayaeka, There is no Chao Tsu, There is no Oolong, No Puar, There is no –Ites (Malac, Zoic, etc.,), There is no eyes (Fish, etc,), There is no shame, There is no blame, There is no Sally Po, There is no Katherine, There is no Hildy,Dorothy scares us so there is no Dorothy, There is no Trieze He drinks too much and steals from the liquor cabinet He has a problem, There is no Ruby Moon for the love of YAOI, There is YAOI, There is YURI, There is cops and feels, There is Girls and Groups, There is sailors and Senshi and Sailor Senshi, There is BIIIIIIG monkeys, There is Fakeness, There is cowboys and cursed Ones, There is mecha and pilots and Shinigami, There is the downfall of Tenchi, You may wash your hair for there is plenty of Shampoo, There is MOMMY and sisters, There is She-males, There is Perverts Perverts Perverts, Fear the dementors, England meets Japan, We added Gravi, Kumatoro rocks, This fic will never be finished, Dragons bitch, bitch, bitch,There is no Ron, Snape swoops, Lemon drops for porno’s, Quidditch rocks two, a wet-nurse and a midwife in a dark desert, a gold-gilded Shangri-la, day and night turning in on each other, a time-gilded lost paradise, There is a code and a spoiler, Idiotic Tick Infested Simpering TwitsHear Everybody Everywhere Near Death OgleFat Women Ordering Roasted Liver DuckAnd Sing With Evil Kings Never OnceWinning Intergalactic Tag At The TowerHe Eats Even Named Damsels Often FeintingTerror His Ears Feet Is Cold and 01 is Talia’s son 12

Seriously. Yakfucking has nothing on Were!Monkey alien vampires pregnant with litters of assbabies who also spontaneously change sex (and clothes) and defend Japan with a bunch of fourteen-year-old girls.
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