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Prank help!

Okay, so my sister jadetate has declared a Prank War with another kid in her dorm. The way it started has gone like this:

- He shaving creamed her door and killed all her pictures except for two (The flyer for the gigantic pillow fight Friday night that'll go from 9 to midnight and the I'm Coming To Get You Troll for Plastic!Winchesters).

- The reason he did the shaving cream thing was cause on April fools the girls literally built a wall of super-glued pop cans in front of his door and he was stuck in there for a good seven hours before an RA figured it out.

- [Tonight's retaliation is] "Me and the three other girls rooms he got are going to sneak in while he's asleep and surround his bead with mousetraps the maintenance man was kind enough to give us once he heard why we needed em."

If anyone has any idea for pranks she could implement it would be awesome if you could comment here with them.
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