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My eyes!

I have just spent eleven hours coding the newsletter. My motherfucking eyes, dude. Ow. I had planned on working on my Big Bang and dying my hair but... yeah. I gotta put at least fifty words on my Big Bang tonight (Yes, I set my goals low). And delete the three hundred or so I put on last night, because they really don't fit at all.

But that's okay, because I spent all night while coding talking to Deam about Sam holding Dean down and just sucking him off for hours, and SamandDean having slow, lazy morning sex after in the middle of the night and Sam just playing with Dean's cock and being all sleepyamazed that he can make Dean hard by touching him.

Also, it is now the eighth. In one week I will be seeing Ten Inch Hero with wendy. In two weeks I will be able to get drunk legally.

The more I watch Jackass the more I am convinced that Bam and Dunn are or were doing it. Possibly Bam and Knoxville too.

Also? People on my FList who have seen Jackass: The Movie? Am I the only one who noticed that in the last bit where Dunn shoves the toy car up his ass that Bam has a latex glove on his right hand? Because I've seen the movie about fifteen times now and only noticed it last night.

Speaking of Jackass, I just finished watching an old ep of it and holy shit Dunn is pretty. His hair was all frosted and short and clean and he had a neat goatee and it was very odd to see.
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