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Can't believe I forgot to post this...

Last night I went to WWE Smackdown on a Job Corps trip! It was so fucking awesome! I won't give any details on the matches yet (Since it doesn't air until tomorrow) but it rocked so hard! I 1/2 lost my voice again from screaming so much during the matches.

If you see a crutch being waved in the air during a crowd sweep that's me!

Nothing spoilerish about any matches but I just wanted to say that Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero couldn't possiblly be more popular anywhere else then they are in Arizona.

Afterwards me and Brooks (A guy from Job Corps) waited from 10-midnight to see everyone leave and I got Rico's autograph on my ID!

I look amazingly pissed off in my photo cause it was a few days before my birthday and I was in a pissy mood.

Rico was so fucking cool man! He was outside signing autographs and taking pictures and talking with everyone for at least an hour. He made so many life-longs fans last night I swear... But honestly? Every single time I see or hear about him the first thing I remember is Billy and Chuck's almost-wedding.

All the other wrestlers just drove away (We had to stand outside of the parking structure) but he actually came out and signed everything. Paul London was pretty cool too, he got out of his car and signed for the half of the crowd on the side opposite from me. Then announced he was going to Applebee's and told everyone they could find him there. I was so pissed I didn't have a car.

I fell like three times while waiting though because there were so many people pushing and so many kids running right into my crutches!

Dude, it totally rocked the casbah.
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