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Stupid Cathryn Humphris.

She sucks. Seriously. I have spent the last two days trying to rework my Big Bang plans to coincide with the The Usual Suspects ending.

I had always thought that at the end of TUS Dean was left with his two new murder charges (Anthony and Karen Giles) and a shiny, new cop killer charge on him. But no, while trying to remember exactly how Sheridan (Bad!Cop) died I found the following exchange:

So, uh. What now, officer?

Pete did confess to me. He screwed up both your cases royally. I'd say that there's a good chance that we could get your cases dismissed.

You'd take care of that for us?

I hope so. But the St. Louis murder charges? That's another story. I can't help you. Unless... I just happened to turn my back, and you walked away. I could just tell them that the suspects escaped.

Wait, are you sure?

Yeah, she's sure, Sam.

No, it's just, I mean, you could lose your job over something like that.

Keep in mind that she just shot her partner in the stomach and then shot him in the back --through the heart while she was sitting and he was standing-- with his own gun. Ballistics can show all this.

In the community college that I go to one of the first things we learn in nearly every class (And definitely every time we talk about use of force) is that if you shoot someone in the back don't expect to have a job anymore. Your only way to explain it would be to say they were fleeing and that's so very much not an excuse. You don't shoot unarmed people. It gets you fired.

He was shot in the back, through the heart at an upward angle. If he were escaping she would be aiming for the legs or such.

He was killed at night and she called it in when it was daylight out. There's a lot of missing time there.

The chained and cuffed [possibly serial] killer has vanished mysteriously without a trace.

If Detective Ballard were to tell her superiors that her partner confessed to everything he did --and keep in mind he's killed everyone who could provide any kind of evidence-- and then turned on her and she shot in self-defense she would not be believed. Especially with Dean, the one they have the Giles' murders pinned on, gone into thin air.

If Detective Ballard went through with what she said here at the end she would likely be out of a job. Hell, all this is before I.A. (Internal Affairs) even gets a hold of her. Once that happens she's a fucking goner.

If she went back on her word, which would make more sense, she could easily say that Sam kidnapped her and cut Sheridan off at the path. Sam and Dean and Sheridan fought, Sheridan went down and Sam and Dean left. That's completely plausible.

But she obviously didn't do that because when Hendrickson is listing Dean's crimes in Nightshifter "cop killer" isn't in there anywhere. And that's not like arson or trespassing, that's not something you forget to mention.

So instead of writing my Big Bang I've been tweaking all the parts that heavily involved Dean being an accused cop killer, trying to completely redo the previously planned scene with Hendrickson and Ballard, and double and triple-checking Dean's accused crimes.

I had totally fucking hoped to hit 7k today and 10k by the end of the week. One didn't happen and the other probably won't now.
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