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Ten Things About Me

This is the medical issue, because... It is.

1. I have a torn ACL. I tore it almost three years ago while dancing at Rocky Horror. When it first happened I got put in a knee immobilizer for a month (two?) and then spent nine months on crutches with a custom-fitted ACL brace. Then the crutches were removed and I was only in the brace. The brace has recently broke and now I'm back on the crutches again. Funnily enough? If the doctors hadn't put me in an immobilizer I might be able to walk without the crutches. But because they did my muscles deteriorated so badly that that they couldn't support me by the time I got the brace. And then the muscles grew back around where the brace fits on my leg, so they are now deformed and cannot work the way they are supposed to without the brace on.

2. When I was five the doctors discovered that my bladder was twice the size of an adult human's. Needless to say up until I was about thirteen I hated sleepovers and almost always called home to be picked up because I had woken in the middle of the night and had an accident. My bladder is still the same size but my abdominal muscles have gotten strong enough that I can actually hold it in when I have to go to the bathroom.

3. I was born without an immune system. Because of when I was born (1986) the doctors at first thought that I had AIDS, they couldn't figure out why my t-cells were so low and why I was getting so sick so often. Then they realized I had no tonsils and that lead them to the right track.

4. I was also born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is part of why we live in Phoenix, Arizona now instead of Chicago, Illinois. This is not good for my knee, among other things.

5. I have like, seventy-something stitches in my right wrist. Despite the placement of it I did not try to kill myself. When I was twelve me and Shorty, one of my Adopt-A-Brothers, we chasing each other around the house. Out through the sliding door, in Yussie and Monic's bedroom window, out through the living room and back through the sliding door. Shorty had just climbed through the window when I heard a noise. I turned to look because I thought it was him or something, and then went to climb through the window. Because I hadn't turned back when I did this I didn't notice him shutting the window and my right hand when straight through.

6. Because of my bladder problem when I was younger just the thought of having to get a catheter is enough to send me into hysterical tears. Not once, not twice, but three times I have had a catheter put in me wrong. You don't know pain till you know that. I've had a spinal tap and a catheter still scare me more.

7. I almost had my thumb cut off when I was... eleven? Twelve? Something like that. The chain fell off of Yussie's bike and I went to put it back on. He started peddling and my thumb went through that spikey thing the chain goes over. Two hundred something tiny stitched inside and outside of the thumb. They had to take out my nail, stitch up the inside, put the nail back in and stitch up the outside. Somehow luck struck me hard and you can just barely see a hint of a scar on it.

8. I have broken my nose eleven confirmed times. Possibly thirteen, though the extra two are only suspected. I have run into a window, fallen off of a bed, fallen outside of a pool, been punched, been elbowed, actually walked into somebody's fist (Best. Timing. Ever.), fallen again and a few other idiocies.

9. I have a scar on the top of my right foot from stepping on a nail and it going straight through. I've stepped on so many nails that I'm not entirely sure which time this is from.

10. When I was a few days old I stopped breathing. Luckily Mom and Dad lived across the street from an EMT back then. I have no idea how long I went without breathing but ever since someone on my FList made a post about not breathing when they were a baby and their hands not working right I've wondered if maybe my incident has anything to do with why sometimes I can't comprehend things. When I say this I mean there are times where I can read the same paragraph/page over and over and over again and it just skips right by my short-term memory. I have no clue what the fuck it is I just read, I cannot tell you a single thing about it aside from that I know I have just read it.
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