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Spoiler Policy - Not an April Fool's thing

I noticed last night that the spoilers are healthy and running for the finale already. For my stance on spoiler you need only see my icon.

I generally have a three strike rule on spoilers, first time you get a warning, second time you get a warning and third time you're just off the FList.

If someone on my FList spoils me for the finale they are off the FList immediately. I don't care what the fuck you think, I don't want to know what happens and if you're too much of a douche-bag to use a cut then you're gone. Doesn't matter how interesting or nice you are or whatever, you're just gone.

I do not care if it's your journal. If you don't have the common courtesy to use a cut then I don't want you on my FList. Period.
Tags: fandom, fandom:, spoiler phobia, supernatural

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