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Big Bang Progress

4,754 words on my Big Bang right now.

I have scenes shorthanded in my notebook that I need to type up eventually.

Also? SPN Fandom talks way too fucking much. It took me eight fucking hours to code the Newsletter tonight. I fucked the coding four times, three of them enough to fucking break the entry. The third time was just a stray tag, enough to be annoying is all.

I planned on working on my Big Bang today too but that so did not happen.

I am watching Jackass on MTV to help my brain calm. Bam/Dunn are OTP, yo. Chelsea has been making fun of me on the phone because I just keep giggling like a stoner. Eventually I'll do a voice post of that laugh just so you can get the exact idea of what she's hearing. My only bitch is that MTV keeps playing the same six episodes every weekend.

Blades of Glory FTW. The movie is one long, awesome gay joke. And I may kinda sorta wanna see some Chazz/Jimmy now. For no reason at all.
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