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Okay. So I'm a little late on this...

Okay, so I did this poll called Two Truths and a Lie.

1) I listen to Insane Clown Posse. I'm a total Juggalo (Not a Juggalette, they're skanks). I've been listening to them since I was about twelve? Yeah, twelve or so. Riddlebox is my favorite album, I can do all the facepaints they've ever had, I can sing along to all their songs and I'm not one of the posers who think Shaggy and J are Satantic.

2) I also listen to John Mayer. Yeah, that's right, got a problem with that? Dude can work a guitar something sweet. Also? He's fucking hilarious.

3) My parents have been kicked out of Canada. I don't know the details on it, just that it happened before I was born (I think).

4) My brother has been banned from the Valley Metro buses. He went to get on the bus with a drink (That had a lid on it, which means it was allowed on the bus) and the bus driver told him no. Yussie eventually told the guy he would follow him home and eat his children and he is now banned from the city buses.

5) My father has seen a man burn to death. When he was sixteen or so he was in Cook County Jail in Chicago (He lied and said he was eightteen so they wouldn't call his Dad) and one of the guys on the bottom run of the jail was insane. Like really should have been in a psych ward insane. But the system was worse back then and so he was in a normal cell with another person. Dude on top bunk was a kid in there for a few months on drunk driving or something stupid like that. Crazy!Guy was playing with matches (Because you could smoke in the jail back then) and lit the top bunk on fire while the kid was sleeping on it. The guards wouldn't open the cell to get the kid out because the runs in that jail were built so that all the doors opened at once, you couldn't open them seperately. Everyone in all the other cells were screaming and throwing cups of water trying to put the fire out. It didn't work and the kid died. Dad says that burnt flesh is a smell you never forget and there is nothing worse.

6) I've seen someone get their head blown off. When I was at Job Corps. It was a Saturday night, like 0200, and the campus is literally surrounded on all sides by both bars and gangs. There's the usual screaming and yelling outside my window that night and I look up just in time to hear a loud pop and watch the guy outside my window collapse after some dark shadows go flying from where his head used to be. That was fun. Not.

7) I've known who Hayden Panattiere was since Remember the Titans. She was such a cute little kid!

8) I knew who Hugh Laurie was before House. Technically. I knew that Stephen Fry and him were in some show or something called Jeeves and Wooster. That one totally counts because I knew his American accent was fake before I even saw the show.

9) I know the correct way to change an IV. I've done it several times even, for a guy we used to live with who had AIDS. It's surprisingly easy to do.

10) I know the correct way to remove latex gloves. You use your dominate hand and you pinch at your non-dominant hand at the wrist. Pull it away from the skin and pull your hand out, make sure the glove pulls itself inside out as you are doing it. DO NOT LET THE GLOVE SNAP. It causes splatter (blood, semen and/or whatever else is on them) and splatter is never good. Once the glove is off you ball it in the palm of your still-gloved right hand. You then insert the index finger of your non-dominant hand between the latex and skin of your dominant wrist and use it to turn the glove inside out as you pull it off. Make sure that you keep the glove from the previous hand balled into the palm as you do this. Once you're done you should have on inside out glove holding their other glove inside of it.
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