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I'm hungry.

Pam from The Office is Stacy Wannamaker from That 70's Show.



I really wanna make a more in-depth post about last night's Supernatural but I'm actually kinda afraid to now.

Despite what it looked like I really did like last night's ep. I know that the review made it looked like I didn't but that's because I type whatever comes into my head while I'm watching.

Meh. I might make words later, if I don't post them I'll probably throw them at Julia.


There's this chick that's staying with us right now and we were talking in the car on the way home from the college today and she was talking about her boyfriend who got murdered. He was kidnapped, shot three times, dismembered with a chainsaw and then driven 120 miles onto the Reservation where his remains were dumped. The only way his body was even found was that a dog dragged his head onto a farm. The whole time I'm listening to to her I feel horrible. Not because of what happened, though I do feel bad for that, but because I'm filing away details in my head for my Big Bang.

Clearly, I am a horrible person.
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