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Well today was fun.

Today Yesterday I:

- Got my glasses fixed.
- Got the sides and back of my head shaved.
- Got groped by a three year old.
- Got groped by same three year old. Again.
- Got groped by same three year old one more time.
- Wrote drvsilla two comment!fics.
- Accepted an invitation to join the spnnewsletter crew.
- Forgot to post this.

Today so far I have:

- Woken up late enough to miss my first class. Again.
- Fallen down the stairs onto my bad knee.
- Spilled Gatorade all over my self.

Man, it's not even 0830 yet. *Uses crutches to beat day back into shape*

I plan on dying my hair today. I was thinking maybe pink and blue but I'm not sure, any ideas?

ETA: Ten Inch Hero is gonna play at the Phoenix Film Festival this year! *Buys tickets for April 15th showing*
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