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WinchesterCon Update

The Place To Be (AKA the room of OMGWTFBBQYO?)

We now have eight people in our room. Yes, yes, I know, I'm insane. Shut up, it's not like anyone is gonna sleep anyway.

The people in the the room will be:

clex_monkie89 - Me
hrada - Phil
namegoeshere - She of the New To Wincesting
jadetate - Chelsea
fiddleyoumust - Julia
lissa_bear - Elissa
hansbekhart - Hans 1
essenceofmeanin - Hans 2

We still have the room from Friday to Monday and each person will only have to pay about thirty bucks for it. Not thirty per night, thirty for the whole weekend.

Phil, Chelsea, Abrupte and I are driving out there on Friday and coming back on Monday. Abrupte is coming in sometime on Thursday and crashing out for the night with me. Phil is getting nabbed on Firday from his apartment and Chelsea should be here by the time Abrupte's flight gets in. Our car and gas cost for the trip is about $80 per person, give or take.

Phil, don't worry, I can pack a car like no one's business.
Tags: fandom, fandom: winchestercon '07

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