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Dear Smallville,

I hate you for what you did to me. When you started you were nice and sweet and funny and yeah, maybe you were kinda dumb but you were just so pretty that I could look past it.

But then you went and did me dirty (And not in any kind of fun way). I don't trust anymore, I'm suspicious of any and all women and potential love interests on my shows and the thought of either brother on Supernatural ever getting a girlfriend scares me because of what you did to me.

No love,



Dear SV Fic Writers,

I love you guys. With y'all around I can pretend SV is still good.

Much love,



Dear Kripke,

I love you. You make me so happy I don't know where to begin.

Marry me?

Your loyal devotee.


Dear Supernatural,

I love you too. You are smart and funny and morbid and and you go beyond pretty into beautiful. You make me think and you make me wonder and you freak me out and fuck me up and I look forward to new eps of you like I haven't since I saw those first teaser previews for Smallville all those years ago.

I realized only a few hours ago exactly how awesome you are. Not only have I got my Dad to call you a "badass show," not only have I gotten friends hooked and their families and their friends but Yussie watches you now. Willingly. I didn't realize it until making food earlier but last night before watching Supernatural I was watching The Office. Yussie was up in his room and watching it too (He was laughing at all the times I was, that's how I know). And then halfway through Supernatural last night Yussie yelled out something to me about the scene that was playing right then.

This means he willingly, and of his own volition, switched the TV over to Supernatural at eight so that he could watch it.

I didn't even have to yell out that Supernatural was on. He had it memorized.

This has officially taken you off the Guilty Pleasure List and put you right out in the open. My brother is a snob and the fact that he likes the show enough to willingly watch it (Over Scrubs no less) makes me both Giddy and PROUD.

I love you,



Dear Supernatural Fandom,

I ♥ you all, please stay the same.


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