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MOG! SUPERNATURAL! 0216 - Roadkill

I hate Smallville. It is the reason I am vehemently opposed to any and all love interests for anyone on my shows, those last three minutes right there.


Judging by the Then I'm thinking tonight's baddie might not be evil.

MOG! THE FUCKING OPENING SONG! I am creeped the fuck out already. House of the Rising Son, right? It's hard to hear with the talking but I am sure I recognize it.

Good fucking God that song is creepy and terrifying.

From the previews I was thinking she'd be a ghost and that this would be that Urban legend about the person who gets in a car crash, goes for help and brings them back to his/her dead body in the car.

I'm still thinking that might be it, especially after the crash and the way she isn't hurt. Even if her boyfriend is gone.

It would also fit with th mentions of Houses of the Holy in the Then.

Yeah, that house isn't Texas Chainsaw Massacrey at all.

Benders, maybe? That would fucking ROCK.

...Or not. Buh?

Yeah, she's dead or something. But not dead like the little girl in Playthings.

"HOLY--!" Dean has good reaction time.

Husband, not boyfriend. Okay.

Lost a fight with a lawnmower? Sweet!

Man, you guys should know better than to take a hitchhiker ANYWHERE.

Ooh! Ben Edlund!

Ooh, And Kim! Yay!

"You know, the only time we ever really argue is when we're stuck in the car?"/"Yeah, I get that."

I loved Sam's reaction.


EVP. "She survived." Is that what it said?

That was COOL.

No! Not the Metallicar! It made her sick. Dammit.

Fucking Commercials!

I really cannot tell you how fucking creepy that song is. It makes my skin crawl and has ever since I was little. That is totally House of the Rising Son, I both love Kripke and hate him horribly right now.

Back on.

Yeah! Trunk!

Ha, I love that she's scared, that's awesome and totally normal.

I still love that Dean is always the one who wants to tell the truth and Sam is the one who wants to lie.

"D..d-don't... sugarcoat it for her." Heh, poor Sam.

"Some spirits only see what they want." I'm still calling a Sixth Sense thing here.

Hunting cabin.

Yeah Dean! All business and shit.

"Whoops." *BAM* Yeah! That was fucking cool! And the effects in this ep? I am LOVING them.

So their salt is because of its purity. It repels impure things. I'm glad that they chose that meaning for the salt.

"You know, just once I'd like to round the corner and see a NICE house."

Don't look at that you stupid bitch! Has no one seen The Mummy?

Oh, Sam. God you're pretty when you're Emo. And I love him referring to ghosts as wounded animals.

I'm telling you. SHE IS DEAD. And Sam KNOWS it.

God, Sam is identifying with the ghosts far too much for his and Dean's safety. All he needs is to hesitate once and they're dead.

I love that Dean kicked the door in from behind, because that's totally the right way top do it, more force and momentum.

Okay, yeah, that's not gonna be good.

Then again, maybe.

John used to say that burning their bones was like death for ghosts.

"The only thing I'm scared of is losing David. I have to see him again. I have to."

SHE. IS. DEAD. I am fucking telling you.


Back on.

I am telling you, she is fucking dead.

Her husband was the Lawnmower dude. Watch.

EVP! Oh my God, that fucking song again.

Yuss yelled out "She's standing too close to the window!" from upstairs like two seconds before she got nabbed.

Tree as a gravemarker.

"You're like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness."/"Yeah, I know."

Man, that's just... the fucking NAILS.

"Oh thank God."/"Call me Dean."

Why is that knife not all rusted up?

NO! Come on Sammy, save Your Dean!

Okay. So David =/= Lawnmower dude.

I still say she's dead though

A fucking commercial? Are you shitting me?

I would like to state right here and now that I am very proud of myself right now for not changing the chanel or muting the TV every time that song came on.

Back on.

"Oh baby, it's been a long night." Dean loves his girl.

He's not dead. You are.



He lives with his new family.

That's what's with the song. It was new when she died. Or not.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I fucking CALLED IT!

It's February 27th. (Was that the day?) We have an ACTUAL DATE.

Ooh, their ghosts got caught up.

Oh no. Because she killed him.

Another fucking commercial.

Back on.

"Look, if you wanna go in there we aren't gonna stop you."/"Yeah, but you will freak him right out."

Why do they always have to walk away to go?

Oh damn, the white light. Oh. Wait. It's the sun. That was a very Bugs sunrise.


Next week:


Dude. We're getting another new ep next Thursday? Fuck yeah, man!

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