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Rec time

Today's spn_appreciate is to rec three authors, artists or vidders you've never recced before.

1. Everything in antiship because joosetta is amazing and every time she draws something new I have it in an open tab for at least three days before I accidentally close the tab.

2. Everything at icons_de_smidge because certainthings is so much more amazing and talented than she thinks and I still need to clear out a bunch of my icons to load up a bunch of hers.

3. And the Rest, As they Say, Is History by raina_at. It's that J2 AU everyone and their aunt was talking about when it came out, the one where Jared's a big Hollywood movie star and Jensen is his dogwalker. It is by far one of my favorite fics ever and I love it so much that I was genuinely sad to get to the end.

I was totally gonna do more but holy crap, I just did my first edition of ninth_wonders and I am not about to do more coding right now. Seriously. I thought I loved the people there and at spnnewsletter before but now... Seriously. LOVE.
Tags: recs, recs: icons, recs: jared/jensen, recs: supernatural

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