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The Riches - 0101 - Pilot - SPOILERS

I love you Eddie! You are smart and funny and God you can fucking act, man.

I've been seeing previews for this for the last week or two and was so happy that I watched it because MOG I am in so very much love.

Also? Proof that SPN has eaten my brain? When the youngest son (Is he really named Sam?) pulled off his wig after leaving the reunion my very first thought was Wee!Sammy having to fake at being Dean's little sister on more than one occasion growing up because there's something about a single dad with a little girl that just gets at people.

Second? I swear, for some reason this thought went through my head when we saw the Travelers at their camp cooking and celebrating: "Hunters, who are often mistaken for Travelers, who are often mistaken for Rom..."

And back to the actual show and away from me being stupid.

I love that you can feel for these characters, that you can empathize with them even though they're conmen.

I love that the sex scene didn't even last a full minute.

I love that Eddie's character (Dwayne? Wayne?) picked a fight and got his asses kicked.

I love that the oldest son faked a freakin' epileptic seizure and kicked the cop like, four times.

I loves that entire scene with the car accident and afterwards and everything.

It totally needs to be next Monday now.
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