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Wow. I'm fucking SLOW.

I only just realized that 225 divided by 7 is 225/7 because it actually is a fraction.

So yeah. Anyway. People going to WinCon and being in The Insane Room: 225/7 is 32 and change so assume that it'll be around $35 each for the room for the whole weekend. We have the room for check-in at 1500 (3pm) on October 12th and we check out at noon on Monday the 15th.

The room has two queens (Heh) but one is Phil's because he's a Pretty, Pretty Princess who can't share. Also he's about nine thousand feet tall and so there wont be any room once he collapses on it.

I will be sleeping on the floor because that's probably where I'm going to be lying when I'm very suddenly not conscious anymore.

We have the option to get a cot for a small fee per night and we can make Mikhale get a cot and give it to us too. Anyone with air mattresses or something like that might wanna bring them for people in the room.

Also? MOG! SETH IS A CRAPPY FAKE!GOTH ON CHASING JUDGING AMY RIGHT NOW! XD And shut up, I'm watching it because the old lady on it is dealing with a neglect case and I'm taking tips for my Big Bang.
Tags: fandom: winchestercon '07, random

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