BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

More LotR Spamming.

Been up for 20 hours so far. Bored which makes me tired. Decided to Free-Theme-Spam.

Not dial-up friendly. Several High-Res.

LotR Men In Costume
Boromir: 16
Aragorn: 4
Legolas: 15
Frodo: 5
Sam: Is never alone dammit! 13
Merry: 2
Pippin: 8
Groups: 27
Total: 90

Monaboyd: 26
Viggorli: 12
Orlijah: 4
Seanlijah: 47
Domlijah: 16
Multiples and Hobbit-Piles: 62
Other Couples: 20
Total: 187

3 pics not worksafe.
Paris: 32
Todd Blackburn: 22
Legolas: 5
Casualty: 12
Himself: 36
Total: 107
Tags: graphics, links

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