BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

My Daddy WINS!

Okay. So with the help of my Daddy we have the room secured. It is a double-queen and it's booked from October 12-15. Friday through Monday.

The people in our room are going to be:

clex_monkie89 - Me
hrada - Phil
jadetate - Chelsea
fiddleyoumust - Julia
lissa_bear - Elissa
hansbekhart - Hans 1?
Hansbekhart's sister - Hans 2?

...Heh. This is gonna be in-fucking-sane, yo.

ETA: I'll be twenty-one on Aprill 22nd, BTW. Because I just realized that I sound about twelve up there talking about my Daddy.

Daddy's help in securing the room is that I have the money but no credit card or bank card or anything like that, so he let me use his and saved us all. Because somehow between everyone up there not a single person has a credit card. -_-()
Tags: fandom: winchestercon '07, rl: daddy, squeeage
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