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Math + Clex = Tears (Pain)

Chelsea, Phil, this is the money run-down. I think.

Also? I am really not good at math at all and this really did take me a few hours to do so if anyone sees anything wrong here telling me would rock. I know that sometimes the outcome was more than it should've been but I'm rounding up on the money. I'd rather spend 15 of 20 alloted than 20 of 15.

250 (-x) / 3 = 85
Total car cost (Minus gas) / People Paying = Money per person.

$160 per person = Room (Per night) and Con cost.

160 (-x) + 85 = 245
Room and Con + Car (Minus gas) = Total cost (Minus food and extras)

245 = Full trip cost (Per person)

Approximately 870 miles from here to Convention and back.
20 Miles per Gallon of car.
4 Approximate price of gas per gallon.

870 / 20 = 44
Miles to Con / Miles per gallon = Gallons of gas for the trip

44 (4) = 176
Gallons of gas for the trip (Price of a gallon of gas) = Price of Gas for trip.

176 / 3 = 60
Price of gas for trip / People paying = Price per person.

245 + 60 = 305
Full trip cost per person + Gas price per person = Full Trip cost (Minus food).

How much is three days of food in LA? $100 should be more than enough for me. I'll stick to McDonald's and the cheap stuff.
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