BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Fucking mornings.

So I make it to class today only a little bit late and the teacher is totally not there.

It's uncool.


I'm thinking of signing up for Sweet Charity but as a tinsy bit hesitant because A) I'm sort of scared that I'll sign up an no one will bid and then that'll be sad; and B) Mikhale might buy me.

The Mikhale thing is mainly because me and him are bad people who are going to hell for giggling at all the incest fic that's going to come out of this (Despite it being for RAINN) and then making jokes about requesting non-con Sam/Dean because we are horrible, horrible people with very fucked-up senses of humor.


I have this Potty Training!Fic that I'm trying to write, but it's being stupid and it keeps trying to make me write it when I try to work on Big Bang. And then when I go to write it all of a sudden nothing happens.

I have not forgotten about your fic girly, it's just being bitchy to me right now.


unamaga tagged me for the "Five favorite fics you've written" thing and so I'm gonna attempt that later too. Which is hard because I tend to hate most of my stuff.
Tags: fandom, fandom:, rl: classes, supernatural, writing

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