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Substantive Criminal Law is hard.

You know what's fun? Taking a class where one of the questions on your midterm is this:

12. Which of the following are causes that are deemed separate enough from the defendant's actions so that it would be unfair to hold him or her responsible for it' results.

A. Independent interrupting causes
B. Dependent intervening causes
C. Independent intervening causes
D. Dependent interrupting causes

For the record I'm picking C because I don't have anything relative to this question in my notes or my book. Basically I did a google search and tried to figure out WTF the answer might be. Not a lot of help there though because trying to decipher a case is not easy.

I have answered 14 out of 41 questions so far. And five of them have questions marks next to them because they were obviously talked about on days when I couldn't catch the bus in time and therefor could not take notes in class.

Boo. I am going to fail my midterm and then cry all the way through Spring Break.
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