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Stupid, fucking Saturday.

The dog has just broken another pair of my glasses.

I've had them for a month. One.

At least he didn't eat them this time, he just has this thing where he headbutts, it's a thing with his breed. And now the right lens frame is shattered and Dad is on his way to Mom's to nab my older, old pair.

And my crutches. Because my knee brace? Also dead. Just the top-most Velcro strap on the metal brace, but it's gonna cost around $500 to get it fixed. It is literally one strap, but they wont fix it and the place I go, they have to send it back to the maker for "maintenance."

I am now blind and more gimp-tastic than ever now. Whoo.

Oh, and according to that thing I look like either James Spader or Larry King. Yay.

I hate today.
Tags: emo, mogfreckles!, rl, wtf
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