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Ten More Things About Me

Yeah, this is gonna be a weekly thing now.

1. I have never, ever seen a James Bond movie. Ever. I also have no desire to see one and don't get what the big deal about him is. Other things I've never seen include all the Godfather movies, a single episode of 24 or Alias.

2. I sleep diagonally on the bed. I can't sleep straight up and down, I have to have my feet and one corner and my head up at the other. Unless I'm sharing a bed (Mom or one of my sisters), in which case I tend to hug the wall/edge.

3. My hair has not been it's natural color (Blonde) since I was about twelve/thirteen/fourteen or so. Most people who know me don't actually know what my real hair color is and a lot of people used to think it was red because I used to dye it a dark shade of red (Before the purples and pinks and stuff).

4. My hair has been waist length twice (Both time with bangs to right below my chest). Both times I lost my mind and chopped most of it off. The first time I chopped it to mid-ear and the second time to chin length. I don't look good with short hair.

5. I have not worn my hair down for more than a few hours at a time (With the exception of when it's drying) in the last six years or so. Maybe seven.

6. My chest is so big (And this is not a good thing) that I broke my only bra the other day simply by breathing. Snapped the underwire on the right side.

7. I wear boxers. I hate chick underwear and hate that I sometimes have to wear it. I don't understand how you people wear 'em.

8. I have really bad, horrible panic-attacks. For a while there they seemed to go away but now that I've moved again and am dealing with new stuff they are back with a fucking vengeance.

9. I have this massive thing for secrets. Gimme a fic where Person A is keeping a secret and it gets found out (By Person B, Person C, everyone else, it doesn't matter) and I will love you massively. I think that might be part of why I stayed in SPN, because the whole "secret" thing is fucking canon and right there in the show. I realize that my thing for secrets probably has to do with me having to keep secrets for most of my life but, eh. Who cares, really?

10. I am painfully shy. Once I get to know you I'm loud and demanding and bitchy but when we first meet? I hunch in on myself and don't talk and try to blend in to the wall as much as I can.
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