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Not just a GIP. Only mostly.


Love my new icon! I needed something for fb and this was just too perfect. Go and see some more pretties by anoldloveletter.

The Terminal

I just saw The Terminal at the dollar movies. I love this movie so much I have to get it when it comes out. I'm not usually a feel-good-movie fan but this was really awesome. I loved the part with the meds and then after with Victor's "hand" on all the shops...I better not get into everything I loved about it right now because A) It's 12:54 and B) I'll finish at around 4. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time though because really? The movie is that good.

Such a freak

Last night after dinner I was talking with one of my Aunts and she informed me that when I start talking about serial killers my "whole face just lights up." See it's things like this that fuck with my people skills. This and the ritual virgin sacrifices.

Rec post

You know what I need to do? I need to make a post with a lot of recs. Fic, film, fan-vids, LJ's, and other shit. I have a ton of shit in my mems (All catagorized anal-retentivly ass hell BTW) but I should make a one-stop quick list. Seriously doubt this will ever get done but then again who knows?

As a related side-note I have never seen Black Hawk Down and didn't even hear of it until recently but stewardess's BHD fics have got me completely obsessed with the movie and characters and Hoot/Todd (Banalando) pairing. I tried to stay away from it for a while (Like I said never seen the movie despite my best attempts) but then I noticed a note that said "I've been told by many readers that knowledge of the movie or book is not necessary to enjoy the stories -- I try to supply you with the facts you need, as you need them." I've been addicted ever since.

You want an example of how good it is? Her fanfiction has fanfiction. People are writing stories (With her permission) set in her universe. This is a series I reall think should be read by a lot of people. It's smutty and has this massively engaging plot--that's roght. Porn with plot. You must be friended in order to read anything past the first chapter (Which is more of a prolouge since evrything after takes place Post-Movie) but it is definatly worth it. Also check out hootxtodd for more BHD shinys including icons, screencaps, and wallpapers.

Does this make me narcissisistic?

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