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Ten Random Things About Me

Because Julia tagged me about a month ago and I forgot to do it.

1. I bite the back of my left hand when I'm thinking about a fic. It's always the part between the finger and thumb and just far enough away from the tendon not to sting. I don't bite it hard, just hard enough to leave a very weird shaped, reddish/pinkish/purplish indent.

2. Someone I used to know has scars on the backs of their hands and the insides of their elbows from me and a sister biting him and clawing at him with our nails. It was his fault, he should've known us well enough by then to know "That doesn't hurt" is only a challenge.

3. I have once, in a very Sam moment, played lookout while someone else (Who I wont mention by name), in a very Dean moment, blew her boyfriend against the abandoned construction trailer next to the street of our apartment complex.

4. I eat, on average, about once a day. It's usually not very much, a sandwich or two or a bowl of cereal. And no, I am not anorexic or bulimic. I have no eating disorder at all.

5. I almost always leave any papers due for class or fics due for a challenge until the very last possible moment. Still Water was written abut twelve hours before the spn_50states deadline.

6. My puppy is cuter than your puppy could ever dream to be. He is also a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.

7. My default tense for fic writing is present. As in "Stop it, Sam." Dean's voice is steady and sure but Sam can see the way his leg is shaking, can hear the jittery pinging noise his ring makes as Dean taps the steering wheel. I noticed this just now as I realized I had to fix four paragraphs of my Big Bang to change it to past tense.

8. I am incredibly ADD. If I'm not doing a ton of things I can't really do anything. It's hard for me to write my Big Bang lately because Mikhale is an evil bastard and by the time I get home I'm so tired in the brain that I don't even wanna think about writing.

9. I have tons of little scars along my upper arms/shoulders from scratching and digging in to them hard enough to bleed during panic attacks.

10. I cannot listen to anything by The Doors or Greatful Dead. Nothing. It makes me physically sick to hear their music and I think that part of why during that scene in that bar when Sam had Jo tied up and The Doors were playing in the background it freaked me out as much as it did.
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