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The Kill List (Supernatural Baddies)

Spoilers up to 0215 - Tall Tales.

Okay. So in 37 episodes we have, baddie-wise:

11 Spirits
7 Demons
7 Monsters
7 Other (1 Demi!God, 1 virus, 1 zombie, 2 shapeshifters, 1 curse, 1 sacrifice)
6 Humans
2 Humans – Special

What this tells us is that Special Kids are the minority of the baddies faced on Supernatural. Seeing as how we have only met six of them, three of whom are dead and one of whom is missing, this is understandable.

The baddies are as likely to be demons as they are to be monsters or something completely different all together.

The boys are much more likely to encounter an angry and/or vengeful spirit than they are anything else.

This means that the boys are probably far more comfortable and used to digging up graves and burning bodies than they are to exorcising a demon or shooting a werewolf.

I would meta on this further but I am tired and can no longer think of how to meta this particular subject.
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