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Spoilers for Heroes - Run.

It's on!


He went to her funeral 14 years ago. And he didn't know he had a daughter.

Ooh. Meredith you dirty bitch. Nathan's gonna fuck your shit right up, yo.

What's wrong with Mama?

Oh dude. She's dying because of the repeat erasing, watch.

I love that Jessica is covering her mark with make-up.

"I just feel like we're supposed to be fighting crime or something." I love Micah!


Right the fuck on!


Back on.


The only bad thing about Hiro and Ando's scenes is that I have to WATCH watch them because my Japanese isn't as good as I wish it were.

Hope's lying.

Ando's got a thing for leggy blondes. He and Sam have much in common.

And Hiro and Ando take part in the oldest trick ever.

Heh, it's Dobber!

Aw, Hiro looks so cute with his hair all ruffled!

"Stop saying the things I say to you!"


Huh. What the hell is his power?

*Gasp* SYLAR!

Does he look like his name is Mohinder Suresh to you?


Back on.

What's his power?

For the love of God please tell me he doesn't throw things up.



Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Mama Petrelli.

Yeah, I still kinda like Mr. Bennet.

Yay Matt!


Back on.

Ha! Sulu! Also? Poor Hiro.

Dude, tell me he can hear there separate thoughts.


...Tell me you didn't just kill him!

Oh my God!


Back on.

You're lucky you fucking bastards.

Oh, poor Claire.

Claire's Mom's a dirty bitch. I like her Mama better.

Yeah, that picture's gonna be something useful.

Oh God, it's Sylar! Fuck.

Sylar's wearing the fucking dude's clothing!

What's the power?


That's fucking cool!

Yuss: "He can unform metal."
Sylar: "You wanna see it again?"
Me: "Don't! I don't think it's just metal."


He wants to meet her!

Recognize her! Recognize her from the painting!

Oh, poor Claire.

Nathan was snifling. :( Family means a lot to him, it really does. Just look at Peter and Nathan's attempts at helping him.


Back on.


That was a total Dahmer scene right there.

Oh holy crap. Oh holy crap, dude.

That's a lie! Come on, Ando, you know that's a lie!

Oh, that's so sad. Hiro.

"I come in peace."

Matt's gonna pocket the diamonds.

I knew it.

Mama's dead.

Or not.

It's Matt.

No it's not! Holy crap she's supposed to assassinate Nathan!
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