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Big Bang musings

Okay. So. Seventy-seven days till my self-imposed deadline (Which is totally the day before the actual deadline) for Big Bang.

Last week I did that not-a-poll to try and decide my Big Bang and instead it kinda backfired horribly on me.

I have no real outline for any of them yet and went from two options to three, maybe four.

A) Genderswap - Plain. Wincest. Sam and Dean (And John and others) and the genderswaps over the years. Why it's nothing big when Sam and Dean now wake up one day chicks and then why it is a big when they stay chicks a week later.

Pros: Always wanted to do a genderswap. Dean trying to con Sam into wearing a skirt,

Cons: No real ending or plot.

B) Crack!Fic Guide - Misc. Wincest. Done like a handbook or survival guide. Lots of miscellaneous scenes and scenarios.

Pros: Small scenes are a strength for me. Reads like a lot of small stories instead of one huge one.

Cons: Not everyone likes crack, and those who do may not like all the types of crack in this. Also may get annoying after a few thousand words.

C) Sam and Dean on the run. Wincest. The boys on the run from everyone and their brother. FBI, Hunters, The Demon and anyone else they may have wronged. Shifting POVs, majority boys with scenes from people On The Other Side of the hunt.

Pros: May have accidentally already written 597 words for it already.

Cons: There's at least one other person on my FList doing the boys on the run for Big Bang.

...Yeah. I'm pretty positive I'm leaning more towards C now. I think maybe I just needed to type this out to realize it.

...Huh. I think I just might have this working finally. WOOT!

Now I'm gonna make me a Big Bang icon to celebrate. Shut up, it's not procrastinating now; it's rewarding.
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