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anteka! I got you a little more than a pound of the candy, I'll send it out Monday or Tuesday depending on when I get to a post office.


We're watching VH1Top Twenty, right? The number twenty song is Runaway by Ludacris. None of us have seen the video before. This happens.

I: *Takes off my glasses to rub at my eyes*
Yuss: Why's it gotta be him?
Phil: Who?
Yuss: The actor they got to play the alcoholic.
I: *Put on my glasses after they've switched the scene and it's too late* Who?
Yuss: I don't know his name.
I: Well what's he been in?
Yuss: A ton of stuff.
I: Oh, Michael Rappaport.
Yuss: Yeah, him.
Phil: *Cracks up* Wow.


*Norah Jones' "" video makes 16*
Yuss: Hey look, she's on the ceiling and on fire.
Phil: Huh, where? *Is confused by lack of fire on TV*
I: He was making a Supernatural reference.


*Intro to A Crater To Cough In - Circle Takes The Square is playing*
Yuss: I'm 80% sure Phil's not gonna like this.
Phil: Well it is an awfully long intro.
*Intro stops and the Screamo (Screaming Emo) begins*
Phil: I'm sorry all I hear is, "blah, blah, blah, my mother didn't hug me enough."
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