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Supernatural - Spoilers for 0214 - Born Under A Bad Sign

God I hate Smallville now. I remember when it didn't suck.

This show is why I don't want either Winchester to ever get a girlfriend. Fucking Lane, she ruined everything.


Previouslies are back.

Does this mean Jo's coming back in this ep? Hm.

Sam gets possessed, bet you.

Sam took off again? You fucking retard!

Sam's Cell. As if he has another number.

Oh-ho-ho. Bloody knuckles.

Room 109.

Oh man, I wanted to hug Sam when he said he didn't remember anything. I heart you Jared.

I knew Dean hated Bon Jovi. I love that Sam used Richard Sambora as an alias.

...Sam has a new jacket. Damnit, dude!

Tell me he killed Jo. Cause that'd be kinda cool. No offense.

Ha! A fucking bug! V-dub, from Deutch-land!

Ooh, it takes a black-out to get Sammich handling a knife.

That one kid from Croatoa, the one who slit that dude's throat at the end. It's him.

Sam chugged a fuckin' forty! HA! He's both a touchy-feely drunk and a mean one!

Born Under A Bad Sign. The Key of Solomon, maybe?

Oh God, Dean wants Sammy to be good so badly.

Holy shit, he's a hunter. Oh no. That's not good.

Hee, Sammy has girl hair!

Oh holy shit. Oh man. Dean just looked... God Jensen can act. And Jared? Damn, man.


Zodiac trailer! I keep seeing the beginning and thinking it's Hannible Rising because of the "what he did after" thing.

Back on.

I knew it, killing a hunter is like killing a cop. Not. Good.

I love that Dean wants to cover it up and pretend like it didn't happen. And? Telling Sam to wipe his prints? He still wants Sam to be able to have a life.

Sammy wanted to protect his big brother so he didn't tell Sam about the feeling of rage and hate.

Sam, you know he wont kill you. He wont. Period.

Oh God, That whole scene. With Sam giving Dean the gun and telling him to do it and Dean confirming again that he'd rather be dead than kill His Sam and then Sam TAKING THE GUN.

WHAT THE HELL? Fucking beauty of a shot though.

I SO thought we were gonna get a commercial.

Ha! He said Sammy was his kid and snuck out to go to a Justin Timberlake concert. LAMEASS.

Dean loves his brother!

Jo went back home.

Oh fuck Sam sounds creepy. It's not him.

Oh, so she didn't go home. Heh, still a waitress though. I love that her hair isnt shiny and she doesn't look all... "pretty."

The fuck is that on his arm?

Ooh! Sammy sounds pissy that she likes Dean. Heh, Wincester over the world giggle like girls.

Sam looks--Oh ew no! No! NO EW NO!

Dude Jared looks SO fucking creepy!

Oh Jesus Christ. I'm not sure I can watch this, even if I know CW wont let him rape her.

Oh thank fuck, dude.


Dude. Sam scares me a lot in this ep; I commend Jared. Amazing.

Back on.

What song?

Oh God, Kripke I fucking love you.

*Gasp* We're gonna find out what happened!

Tell me it was something possessing John that's now possessing Sam.

He's possessed by the thing that killed Bill. Or hurt him at least.

"My Daddy shot your Daddy in the head." JESUS CHRIST DUDE! CREEPY!

That's not Sam begging.

He still can't do it!



Dude, I don't even know where to begin with this scene.

Except that I keep wanting Dean to spit holy water at Sam and I have no idea why. I was pulling for it last week too. I think it's because me and my brother's always spit water and soda at each other and shit.

NO! NO! I know he didn't kill him, he couldn't've , but he fucking SHOT HIM.


Not even fucking nine at night and I get bitched at for Mom right now for being too loud in a room with the door closed. Next week will be fun watching this and not having to worry about not saying anything.

Back on.

Who is she calling?

Dean, of course. Cause why would she call Sam?

Dean, your ringtones rock.

Where'd he get shot? Ooh, shoulder! I would've said it clipped his ear or something.

I feel gipped. We finally get one of the boys needing to be patched up and get a bullet dug out and it's Jo that does it.

Also? Dean should know better. Alcohol thins your blood, boy. You'll bleed out quicker drinking it hurt.

*Gasp* BOBBY!

Also? That means Bobby's in South Dakota.

No, please don't kill Bobby!

No, leave Bobby alone!

Okay that eye flare was cool.

Bobby's gotta know.




Mm, and Sam all typed up and snarky and... Good God, man.

Hee! Meat puppet!

Holy shit, Jared, I love you.

Oh God. OH GOD!


Oh holy shit. It's Meg's demon!

Dean's not worthless!

Oh good God that was retardedly hot.

"...Did I miss anything?" *THUNK*



Back on.

I love SamandDean snarking! And Bobby. He = LOVE.

Oh man, I totally thought Bobby was gonna be possessed right then.

"Dude, you like full-on had a girl inside you for a whole week. That's pretty naughty."

Holy fuck. Next week's previews. I think I'm even more in love. Totally this season's Hell House.

This ep? Right below Nightshifter. And only barely.

Please tell me it's Next Thursday now.
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