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All About Me.

I don't have one of these posts and I have a ton of people on my FList so I figured now was as good a time as any to tell you all a little about me.

Told you.

Lets start with my schooling, AKA "The Winchester Connection (Part the first)."

I have been to nine different schools a total of twelve different times. This is especially important when you realize I only spent a cumulative total of about six and a half years in school.

Meadowbrook was Kindergarten.
Kyrene De Los Ninos was first.
Thew was fourth grade.
Wood was fifth grade.
LCK was a few months of sixth grade.
Life [School College Preparatory: Downtown Campus] was a month of what probably would've been ninth or tenth if they had had grades.
Carson was a week in ninth.
Pappas was three different times; two in middle school for a few months with no grades and one in high school for about six or so months with no grades.
SciaTech was at Job Corps and a few months with no grades before I got my GED followed by my diploma.

I was "home schooled" for fourth and fifth second and third grade (I thought it was fourth and fifth but looking back and adding up I was wrong).

For "home schooled" please read: Mom told the government she was schooling me and my brother but we sat around all day watching TV and playing video games and doing nothing.

And then me and Yuss went to a month or two of sixth grade (fourth for him I think. Maybe fifth.) and then just stopped going. Mom and Dad were on the run from the cops and the easiest way to find someone is through their parents or where their kids go to school.

So me and my brother dropped out and then we went to a few months at this one school and exactly a week of ninth (together then) at another and then another two or three months a few years later at the Pappas High School.

I can fake my way through an English Placement Test well enough to get put in 8-week courses here at PCC. I've had college-level reading comprehension since about fourth grade but I don't know grammar well and punctuation beyond the standard is beyond me. I know what a verb is only because of the Verb commercials and I know what a pronoun is only because of the "pronoun game" line in Chasing Amy. An adjective describes someone or something and a noun is a person place or a thing. I have no idea what an adverb is and if there are any other part of the English language like that I have no idea what they are.

I do math at a sixth grade level and me and Yussie figured out early on that if I did his Reading and Social Studies (Because there was no English or History until Pappas High) and he did my Math and Science then we would both get passing grades.

To this day I can whip out his handwriting like it's my own without any kind of effort or thought.

And the very best part of all this? My parents were on probation and on the run from it. What they were on probation for? Running check scams and identity theft. It's so Winchester it hurts. You have no fucking clue how hard I laughed at the pilot when Sam mentioned the credit card scams and Dean checked into the motel.

I can copy anyone's handwriting and completely alter my own.

We have a thing we refer to as The Family Business and you don't tell anyone who isn't family all the details of it. And no we're not mobbed up.

My Dad, by the way, knows all the people we learn about in my AJS classes. And I mean personally. People who run some big things across the nation. He knows the guy who used to run The Gangster Disciples and other people who run other things. He has a name that if I say to the right people means no one will fuck with me and people will be lining up to kiss my ass on hopes of me putting in a good word.

But wait, it gets better. How, you ask?

Because I'm in college with the goal of one day becoming an FBI agent.

Go ahead, you know you want to.


You done now? Good.

I am currently finishing up my second year at Phoenix College, I am a double-major in Administration of Justice and Evidence Technology. CSI is a tool of Satan and nothing on that show even remotely resembles reality. When you show up for class they tell you if you want to be a CST --a Crime Scene Technician-- because of the show to leave the class now because you now know less than everyone else simply for having watched it.

I plan on becoming a Criminal Profiler for the FBI.

My mother, father, older brother and step-dad have all been to prison. Dad just got off parole, and is now back in jail. Mom and Dad and CJ are all still on probation and Bryon has more than ten years until he gets out.

I have --as people who know me from Prison Break fandom know-- extensive knowledge of prisons, jails, corrections and police procedures. I will often point at the TV and very loudly state what was done wrong and why they do it the right way. Then I will go online and repeat myself to everyone else.

I have a large family but the ones I talk about most are as follows:

Ma - My Mom. We don't always get along but even at our worst now it's better than it used to be. She doesn't really know how to be a Mom. Have not lived with her since age 16 up until last August.

Daddy - My Dad. I'm a complete Daddy's Girl. I know he can and does do wrong though, despite what you might hear, but I like him more than my Mom. Dad buys us food when Mom and CJ come home and don't want to go to the store. Moved in with him a few months ago up until he went back to jail at the beginning of May.

CJ - Mom's husband, my step-dad. I get along with him pretty good because I don't talk to him much. I used to hate his guts, now I just dislike him. This is not because he "tried to take my Daddy's place (Though that's another story altogether)," I have a valid reason.

Yussie - My little brother. We get along great, nobody ever believes we're related because we get along and we're friends. We've always been close because it's always been, pretty much, just us. Yussie when he was young is my model for young!Sammy and Yussie now is my model for Dean. Yuss cares nothing about what other people think, wears his hair long (To the lower-middle of his back) and for the past two years has been dating a girl (Stephie) who is an ex professional cosplay model. He's nineteen.

Phil - Goes by hrada, who I knew IR before I made him get an LJ. Me and Yussie live with him right now.

Cheerleading!Sister - Goes by jadetate. She's insane and apparently a BNF in Power Rangers fandom. Yeah, I don't ask about that either.

Bryon - I don't talk about him much because it makes me sad. He's my big brother, he's 28 and he's got more than ten years left in prison. I love him and miss him and I feel horrible because I don't write. It's not that I'm ashamed or anything, it makes me sad to write him because then I have to think about why I'm writing him and why I can't see him and why even when I can it's through plexiglass on a shitty phone.

  • I have OCD. It's organizational, which means I'm not one of those people who washes their hands constantly. I make lists of things and have problems with numbers not divisible by 2 or 5 (If it's even or ends in a 5 or a 0 I'm good). One of my "friends" at Job Corps once thought it would be funny to take down the 25 magnets I had stuck to my locker, along with the ten postcards and everything else. This person did this at six at night. I didn't eat that night and could not shower, sleep, get a drink or even go to the bathroom until I had it right again. That didn't happen until two in the morning.

  • I make lists all the time of things I never finish. Fics, metas, icons, anything. I like lists, that's part of my OCD; they're comforting to me.

  • At the moment my hair is dark pink. It was Atomic Pink last time and has been lots of shades of red, purple-black, Pumpkin Orange, Grape, and a mixture of black, pink, purple and blue. I don't know what color I'm going to dye it next.

  • I read a billion fics a week (Unless I'm writing, in which case I try not to read anything) but am horrible with titles and authors. I remember fics by lines, scenes, plot and obscure things (Like the Build-A-Bear with the pink tutu in that one J2 series I heart a bunch).

  • I remember the most obscure things in the entire world so if anyone ever needs the answer to something completely random like why we don't eat with out elbows on the tables *, I'm the go-to girl.

  • I love to research. Seriously, I am all for it and I'm good at it too.

  • I live in Arizona but am from Chicago. Chicago is better, it always will be and I miss it so much sometimes it makes me sad.

  • I sometimes tell people I want to eat their brains. This is a good thing, don't worry, it means you are talented.

  • I am asexual. That means the idea of me having sex with another person probably resembles to me what you picturing your grandparents conceiving your parents does to you. Icky.

  • While being asexual I am also pansexual. The thought of other people with each other is shiny. Well, that's not technically what it means but in my regards that's it.

  • I love to make icons but I suck at it. Myself and fiddleyoumust have most of the icons I've made that don't suck. Not for any real reason other than that she will hop online and tell me; "I need an icon of a dirty old shoe;" and I'll make it.

  • I like zombies. Please to be seeing the abovely mentioned brain-eating.

  • I fuck up words on purpose sometimes.

  • I have a fascination with serial killers that I think may be inherited.

  • My Dad once had Thanksgiving dinner with John Wayne Gacy.

  • My Mom, Dad, me and my little brother all drove by Jefferey Dahmer's apartment complex days before he was arrested. Mom says they thought the sewer main had burst because the entire block smelled disgusting.

  • I used to watch this show called Prison Break until it started to suck so much ass that people were leaving because they'd rather make Volkswagen commercials than be a part of that pile of shit.

  • PB was good though because I met Cheesey and Julia and Elissa and Amanda and TheLana and Mikhale and Halfshell and Mooyoo and Smidgy and many, many more of my very good friends there.

  • I upkeep The Laundry List, which is updated about once a moth or so because every update takes a little more than twenty-four hours of working to do. I know it doesn't look like it's any work at all but it's really a lot of it.

  • I have a 20gig iPod named John, you will hear about him a lot.

  • I have a 40gig portable hard drive named Dean, you will hear about him too.

  • I have a laptop named Sam II. Sam I's battery recently gave out and his new Dell version is twice as big and actually works.

  • I don't often make Friends Only posts but when I do you'll know why.

  • I have never done any kind of illegal drug.

  • I don't smoke and I think it's a disgusting habit that nearly everyone I'm friends with does.

  • I don't drink. I have drank before but I don't really much anymore. I used to have a pretty high tolerance for it but I'm not entirely sure that I'll still have it the next time I get drunk.

  • I am a brand new, fresh 21 years old as of April 22nd, 2007.

  • *Because back in the middle ages so many people used to be shoved and squashed into one table that putting your elbow on the table meant placing it directly into someone else's food.

    And that's pretty much me in a nutshell.
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